Signs of Infertility


This article describes what are the signs to look at if you are not sure if you are fertile.

Have you thought about what are the main signs of infertility in a human? We must be aware of the indications suggested that infertility and things favor it, and we must do so as soon as possible. The signs of infertility can be manifested in several ways, including instinctive and cultural factors, irregular behavior of individuals while performing a sexual act, malnutrition, depressed mental status, endocrine factors, and health status in which people find themselves.The global lifestyle in general, emotional states, financial issues and the time also represent influences on infertility. In this context, it is important to distinguish between infertility and impotence. The above factors can cause infertility in a man and a woman.

In cases in which a man has all his power and his female partner can get pregnant during the menstrual cycle quickly. However, not many are aware that men have hormonal cycles.Moreover, while the cycle of women, covering a period of 28 days, can not establish a fixed date in the cycle of sex masculino.Las research shows that sperm quality can decrease a man beyond the man can release sperm at any time. The low quality of sperm, in turn, has a negative impact on fertility of a man, and may hinder its ability to fecundar.Los signs of infertility in both men and women, may become more obvious with advancing of age.

The speeches about the signs of infertility can often be confusing. Here, we discuss these issues more clearly. The fertility of human beings is not our focus here. In women, the strongest sign of infertility to consider is an irregular pattern of your periods. However, it should be borne in mind that, while irregular menstrual cycles may indicate infertility, can also act as indicators of other health hazards.

If a woman does not have the correct body weight, their fertility can probably decrease. Infertility can be a problem they face, both overweight women, as women with extremely low weight. The fetus needs to be fed properly during pregnancy. If the hip region of a woman is too narrow, it can become problematic, and the ability to conceive babies may be affected. The balance of hormones can also get a jolt in the event of a failure to execute a proper diet with proper nutrition. Obesity also can stand in the maintenance of proper hormonal balance. As a result, the ability to reproduce may be affected. If a woman has the habit of drinking alcohol in excess, can also increase your infertility in a considerably short period of time. Therefore, in order to maintain their fertility, consumption of alcohol should be totally eliminated. However, this infertility has nothing to do with the sterility of a lady.

Doctors say several other common signs of infertility. For example, if a woman’s ovary is twisted, it may become very difficult concebir.Para that women become pregnant, the male sperm must travel through his body and enter the ovary. If the female ovary is placed in the wrong position, this procedure is not possible. As a result, for practical purposes, the lady becomes a sterile person. Any cyst that is present in the ovary, may also prevent a woman from getting pregnant.

On the other hand, guessing that a man is infertile, it is difficult. It is possible that a man looking rather weak, can become an excellent player father, while in contrast, a strong person can have an unfavorable rate of mortality and / or a low sperm count. However, in general, the level of fertility declines as a man becomes more obese. The general health problems of men, or problems in their anatomy, can also reduce his virility. It is also an important factor in fertility advancing age.

Andropause (the process of menopause in men) translates into an easy detection of signs of infertility. The signs of infertility in men include:

  • Loss of hair on a regular basis
  • Increased abdominal fat in areas
  • Increased body weight in general
  • Wrinkles and dry skin
  • Drop in male libido levels
  • Excess stress
  • Problems getting an erection
  • Excessive sweating
  • Hot Flashes
  • Altered state of mind and nervous
  • Constant anxiety attacks
  • Feeling of lack of will
  • Marked lack of motivation
  • Depressed mental state

Fortunately, these signs of infertility can be eliminated by adopting a holistic treatment. Unlike other conventional treatment methods, the holistic approach aims to detect the real causes of the problem, then, consequently, to suggest solutions. These treatments have no adverse side effects. Holistic methods recommend the extensive use of Chinese medicines, herbs and acupuncture. It also indicates adequate exercise, eat a balanced diet as appropriate. Indeed, it has been demonstrated that holistic methods are much higher success rate than other Western conventional techniques in order to regain fertility. narkotest

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