Skin Care for Summer


Basic skin care tips for the summer months. Summer is already knocking at the door and unless you take proper care of your skin, the scorching sun rays, the sweat, and the dust can take havoc wreck on your skin.

While the sun tans the skin, the sweat along with the skin excretory products such as urea and salicylic acid coats the skin leading to skin irritation, prickly heat, rashes, and redness.

Basic Skin Care Tips: cleaning, nutrition and protection is the main mantra to keep the skin healthy. During summer months, the skin sweats more, so clean your face frequently using a gentle face wash. Avoid harsh soaps that can make the skin rough by removing the essential skin oils. Ice does a wonder in the skin during summer. Gently rub ice cubes on face and then pat it dry.

If you have oily skin, keep it clean by washing every time you step out or do physical activities that cause you to sweat. Remember always to wear sun screens lotion with sun protection factor (SPF) in between 15-30. Even if you are in door in the summer months, do not neglect to wear the sun protection. Choose a sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB and apply it 10 minutes before stepping out. Avoid using high SPF lotion that may cause skin damage. Low SPF lotions are also ineffective, so choose a lotion that suits your skin.

Avoid going out in the sun between 11 AM and 2 PM, as the UV exposure is maximum at these hours. Even if you go out, take umbrella and do not forget to wear you sunscreen lotion. Use prickly heat powder to avoid skin rashes. Lacto calamine is also effective against skin rashes. Wear long sleeve clothes and wear caps when you go out. These will help less exposure of the skin in the sun rays.

Drink plenty of water, fruit juices, and eat fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits to stay fit in the summer.

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