Taking Care of Pimple Prone Skin


Get to know how to take care of your pimpelled skin.

We cannot all be blessed with a skin like that of Hollywood greats. Come to think ofthere are celebrities such as Cameron Diaz who also fight the fight against acne.The truth is having clear skin is not just being clean and hygienic. There are people whoare just more prone to acne than others because of their hormones. Studies have shownthat excess oil production in the skin caused by hormones is one of the initial factors thatcause acne. This is because the bacteria that cause the acne in the first place thrive in anenvironment that has a lot of oils.Acne comes about when unwanted oils get trapped inside the pores of the skin. When thepores are clogged with these oils, not to mention the dirt and the dead skin cells that oftenline up the pores throughout the day, irritation can occur. When the bacteriapropionibacterium acnes come into the picture, all hell will break loose on your face andother parts of your body.This is perhaps the reason why it is so hard to take are of an acne-prone skin. You have toconsider a lot of things as it is not caused by just one factor but a host of factors thatinteract with each for the end product. With all the available products in the market, allsaying that they are the answers to all your pimple prayers, this can be mightilyconfusing.One of the first steps of course that everybody should do whether one is blessed withgood skin or not is to clean it. Although there are people who can take on ordinary soapsas cleansers, there are people whose skin is so sensitive that they need milder cleansersthat are water soluble.Dermatologists also recommend that people do not rub their skin so tight as they mayirritate the skin. This can result to even more blemishes and may even affect the skinnatural ability to heal and regenerate new skin. Another great advice is to make sure thatall of your make-up is removed when you wash your face. Make up easily clogs the skinwhen left on the face.Another step for taking care of pimple prone skin is to remove the excess oils as much asyou can. This can be really tricky as there is really nothing you can do about theproduction of excess oils. The most that you can do is remove the oils that are already produced in the skin. Some people use facial masks like Philip’s Milk of magnesia mask,to help remove the oils.

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