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The world of fashion modeling is an exciting one. To most people it indicates the model who walks the fashion ramp demonstrating the garments. But did you know that this area alone breaks down into many different areas? There is, of course, the model who walks the runway, the elegant model who works in the trade salons showing for the buyers, the models who do the dinner shows, store models, designer models, size models, duplicate models, and even floor models. All these are under the head of the fashion model, but with the addition of each new name or title, another whole area of modeling opens up.

Did you think that was all the field of modeling had to offer? Far from it. There is much more.

There are magazine models, illustration models, editorial models, and models for every possible category of garments or clothing.

There are catalogue models, and this in itself is a totally different area than the fashion area we just talked about. It is a whole field in itself.

There are commercial models and trade show models. There are free lance models and transient models. There are stock models and location models. There are photographic models and industrial models. And at the very upper level of modeling, the highest paying of all is the area of television commercials, the goal of all models. Did you know that one successful television commercial could return you many thousands of dollars month after month for a single one minute commercial without you having to lift a finger or do anything further except that one job. One of the major reasons why you find so many actors doing television commercials is because these actually pay better and more regularly than most movies.

There are no age restrictions in modeling, and there are certainly no restrictions as to looks. The kind of modeling you want to do will be determined by your appearance. If you are good looking and have a very attractive body, you may work in one area of modeling. If you have a perfect size for garments, you may work as a size, duplicate, designer, or fashion model. If you have particularly beautiful hair, or hands, you may do sectional modeling. If you are too heavy, too thin, too tall, or too short, there are other areas of modeling for you.

Not many years ago modeling was a very restrictive type of profession. It was only for the female with exceptional looks and personality.

Today, things have changed. Modeling has become such a gigantic field that there is room in it for countless people of all sizes, shapes, and styles. Look at the television commercials alone and discover for yourself how many different kinds of models are used. Open up a magazine or a newspaper and look at the various advertisements that appear there. Do you see how varied the models are? This indicates to you that the size or shape and the face that nature gave you have nothing to do with your job as a model. What is important is the training you acquire, and what you are able to do with the assets you have. This does not mean that you can look like a slob and still be a model. It means that you must learn what you can do with the assets you have. Beauty in women, and the handsome quality of the male, are not so much a matter of looks today as they are what a person does with the looks he or she has. If you could see some of the greatest and most famous models of today before they prepared themselves for their appearances in public, you would not believe they could ever be models.

So, no matter what you have or what you look like, remember that you can ultimately be what you want to be if you are willing to work at it hard enough.

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